Todderstaffe Hall

The small feeding station at Todderstaffe Hall attracts Tree Sparrows amongst other usual suspects. The feeding station, which is run by Fylde Bird Club, is actually an area where bird seed is scattered at the edge of a grass bank alongside the hedgerow, and is located in a small lay-by adjacent to the railway line. Sadly it can be a bit of a fly-tippers paradise, but it really is an excellent spot to see and photograph Tree Sparrows, which usually turn up within minutes of parking up here. There are also good photo opportunities for Great & Blue Tits, Robins, Chaffinch & Dunnock. Take along some bird seed to add to whatís already there as a fresh supply soon draws the birds in. If you sit quietly in your car you can usually photograph the birds mentioned above from a distance of just 3 or 4 metres. Iíve also photographed Kestrels, Bank Voles, Grey Squirrels & a *Stoat from the same location *(Iíve had several Stoat sightings here, but only managed one photograph). Across from the lay-by is a public footpath, alongside which is a small pond. This is a good location for Dragonfly sightings & photographs, youíll see from my galleries that Iíve photod Emperors, Chasers, Hawkers, Darters etc from here. I keep hoping to see a Kingfisher, but no such luck to date. Itís also worth checking the hedgerow & wildflowers along the footpath to see what butterflies, moths & bugs etc are about.

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