Stanley Park

Stanley Park, Blackpool is a busy urban park, popular with visitors to the town because of itís leisure amenities, gardens, boating lake etc, but when you look beneath the surface thereís also a wonderful array of wildlife which to many visitors I think goes unnoticed. The park has a good sized lake surrounded by mature woodland & both are abundant with wildlife. On one of the lakes small islands is home each Spring to a Heronry, which makes for quite a spectacle. The Herons start nesting here from about February and their young - complete with punk hairstyles - are visible at the nest by April. The adult birds are constantly flying in & out with more nesting material and the opportunity for close up sightings & photographs of these birds is excellent. The lake is home to a number of Great crested Grebes, two of which for the last two years have nested alongside the heronry, so for the photographer, when not watching/photographing the Herons you can turn your attention to the Grebes, youíll see lots of Grebe shots in my galleries which hopefully illustrate what a great location this is. Stanley Park is also excellent for many other bird sightings, including Great spotted Woodpeckers, Treecreepers, Warblers and Goldcrest.

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