About me.

For as long as I remember Iíve been interested in wildlife, an interest my mother always encouraged. During my early teenage years my father, who was an amateur photographer himself, bought me a Zenit E SLR & that was me hooked on photography too.

In my late teens I didn't pursue either hobby as work, sport & drinking, later followed by raising a family, paying a mortgage etc took over. Having survived those mayhem years I again started to take more than just a casual interest in photography & birdwatching - the latter was proving to be particularly frustrating as each time I saw a bird I didnít recognise, by the time I started to look it up, I couldnít remember just what it looked like, so I decided to combine the two interests & start photographing what I saw to aid making an id. As my bird id skills slowly started to improve I started to crave taking better photographs of them, so here I am, 3 digital cameras, a few lenses & a couple of grand later, completely fascinated & obsessed by observing & photographing the fauna & flora around us & learning more about the natural world.

My wildlife watching & photography are very much conducted at an amateur level, I donít profess to be an expert in either field, so if you spot any errors on my website, with IDís for instance, please email me to let me know.

I hope you enjoy looking at the images in my Photo Galleries, which can be reached by clicking on the Photo Gallery tab towards the top left of this page.

Cliff Raby



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